About Sarola

Sarola was formed from a desire to offer clients a truly personal service, a step away from the large event 'factories' that had come to dominate the industry. We work in close partnership with our clients with their needs always at the forefront of our mind.

Our team is made up of people who have cut their teeth with many of the major event agencies, or had previous experience directly within client corporate event departments. Because of this unique mix we are able to combine the experience from both 'sides of the fence' and integrate them into our business as best practice.

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Sally Lankester

Black and white photo of Sally Lankester

Sarola Event Management was created and is still actively managed by Sally Lankester. Sally has worked in the UK events industry for over 14 years, winning several industry awards and prior to that worked for a number of years in the industry in both France and Australia. She brings a wealth of experience to the company as well as a real love for the job.

Sally consistently drives the company forward, and has a great ability to forge excellent working relationships with suppliers, delegates and clients formed through mutual respect and a combined desire to produce the best event yet.